Aldactone belongs to a class of diuretics that save potassium and magnesium.

Noticeable diuretic effect on the body appears in most cases on the second day of treatment, the therapeutic effects sometimes appear in five days.

When you receive the drug the body is able to process up to 90% of active substances, which indicates a good absorption of the drug.

Indications for use

Aldactone refers to the prescription drugs because of the rather strong effects on the body. Take the drug only in a limited number of cases:

  • nephrotic syndrome;
  • appearance of edema on the background of heart disease;
  • the appearance of edema due to cirrhosis of the liver;
  • treatment of edema during pregnancy after 12 weeks;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • prevention of hyperkalemia when using saluretics.

Before the appointment of the drug there should be complete examination of the patient in order to avoid the appearance of severe side effects.

Only in case of the positive conclusion of the doctor you can take the first individually matched dose.

Method of application

Aldactone is taken in individual dosages, as the doctor considers the medical history of the patient and tolerability of spironolactone.

Patients under 65 years should take Aldactone with caution to avoid exacerbation of chronic diseases and hyperkalemia.

Drug contradictions

  • Addison’s disease;
  • hyperkalemia and hypercalcemia;
  • renal failure of chronic type;
  • insufficient liver function;
  • diabetic of nephropathy type;
  • individual intolerance to spironolactone;
  • the problems associated with the menstrual cycle;
  • the first 12 weeks of pregnancy;
  • anuria and metabolic acidosis.

Use during pregnancy

Aldactone doesn’t have contraindications regarding the use during carrying a child. However, experts do not recommend its use in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy like any other medical drugs.

Under the supervision of a specialist, the doctor decides whether you should use Aldactone after the first trimester.

Interaction with other drugs

In case of simultaneous use of anticoagulants there is a decrease in their therapeutic effect on the body.

If you also take Losartan and Candesartan, it may cause hyperkalemia which is dangerous for life.

In case of simultaneous use of drugs containing potassium it may also develop hyperkalemia. This effect can have even a vitamin complex with potassium.

ACE inhibitors significantly delay the potassium in the body, which can also cause hyperkalemia during a long reception.

Anti-hypertensive effect of spironolactone may potentiate in case of the simultaneous impact of Aldactone.