Though the pills of Antabuse are extremely powerful factor, constraining the craving for alcohol , this drug is not suitable for all. For example, the patients with diabetes or other significant metabolic disorders can’t use it. However, if your doctor advises you to use it after the survey, you can buy Antabuse and start taking it according to the prescription. You can make it on your own or as a part of group therapy, i.e., using these pills as a way to deal with you addiction. You need to take the drug for alcohol dependence strictly following the recommendations. According to the prescription, you must stick to the recommended dose, and never drink alcohol in any dose while taking drugs.
In contrast to the other drugs, only weakening the craving for alcohol, pills of Antabuse work, causing the hangover-like reactions, if you mix it with alcohol. For example, the glass of strong drink during the intake of the drug will probably cause confusion, vomiting, sickness and other serious side effects of alcohol intoxication. It affects the most of people suffering from alcohol dependence, and makes them keep away from alcohol, as otherwise the alcohol mixed with the active drug can lead to very serious consequences up to the death.
The narcologist usually prescribes the pills of Antabuse, if there are no contraindications. During the first few weeks you must take 500 mg a day, and then stick to the supportive dose — 200 mg a day. However, such medical treatment can’t be used as a template. One should consider the individual characteristics of the patient. That’s why pre-and post-doses must be prescribed only by the doctor. The number of people, who have given up alcohol or other drugs within a few months or even years of treatment, without suffering from any side effects, is great. However, some people can face such complications as drowsiness, metallic taste in the mouth and headache.
The side effects of this drug include: central nervous and cardiovascular system disorders, allergic reactions of the body, exacerbation of digestive tract diseases (stomach and duodenum ulcer, gastritis). Sometimes the drug can cause acute psychosis, typical for the drinking people: fear, anxiety and persecution complex.
Antabuse is contraindicated to the people over 60, patients with diabetes, cardiosclerosis, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, coronary insufficiency and cerebrovascular diseases.
So, thanks to the high efficiency, Antabuse can help greatly in the treatment of alcohol dependence, but this drug needs special attention.