Avodart is an anantiangiogenic drug used for the treatment of prostate gland hyperplasia. Its main active substance is Dutasteride. This chemical compound prevents the action of enzymes transforming the male hormone (testosterone) into its form that affects the growing of prostate tissue (dihydrotestosteron). The action of Avodart can be noted a few weeks after the beginning of treatment. This process is monitored by the level of the above-mentioned hormones in the patient’s blood. The result of suppressing the androgenic activity is the reduction of prostate and the restoration of urinary function.

Indications for use

Dutasteride (the active substance of Avodart) can suppress the activity of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of testosterone. The maximum effect can be achieved one-two week after the beginning of treatment. The drug contributes to the decrease of prostate gland, improves urination and reduces the risk of acute urinary retention. According to the instruction, this drug should be used for the treatment and prevention of benign prostate gland hyperplasia.

Way of use and dosage

Take the drug orally irrespective of the mealtime; swallow it whole (without chewing or crushing the capsule), as its content can cause the irritation of oral mucosa.


Women and children;
Hypersensitivity to the drug components and other medicines, belonging to the group of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. As Dutasteride is intensively metabolized in the liver, the patients with liver dysfunction must be careful when using this drug.

As the treatment with this drug affects the men’s hormonal balance, this process can have undesirable results. For example, it decreases libido, potency and may cause gynecomastia (increase in the size of male breast tissue). Allergic reactions to Avodart are rare; they may include itching, urticaria and swellings (scarce or broad).


The overdose (the intake of dosage 80 times more than the therapeutic one) didn’t cause any side effects.


If there is a suspicion of overdose, symptomatic and supportive treatment will be enough. There is no specific antidote of Dutasteride.

Special indications

Women and children should avoid contact with the damaged capsules of Avodart, as the active component of this drug can be absorbed through the skin. After the contact with Dutasteride, the affected skin area must be rinsed with water and soap.
Avodart suppresses libido and negatively affects the potency. The state of prostate and urinary system can improve, but it requires long treatment. However, in some cases Avodart doesn’t bring serious relief. The effectiveness of this drug depends mostly on your faith in your doctor and your confidence in his professionalism.