Drug Description

Beconase is the brand name of the nasal spray called Beclometasone Dipropionate. This is a steroid drug that also comes in the form of inhaler, ointment and pills. However, if you need the long-term treatment, you should use the inhaler. The drug acts by reducing the nasal swelling and inflammation.


Beconase is mainly used for the treatment of nasal allergies. This spray must be used with special caution to avoid the area of the eyes. However, if it happens, you should wash your eyes with cold water at once. People that have allergy to any component of this drug, should stop taking it. This medicine is also used for the treatment of stuffy nose and head cold.


As it is a nasal spray, the average dosage is 1-2 sprays into each nostril once a day. It is contraindicated for oral administration. Always shake the container properly before using. The spray can be applied only to the clear nostrils. The patients taking Beconase should lean their head forward so that the spray doesn’t spread out. Moreover, they should breathe out through mouth and spray at the same time.

Skipping a dose/overdose

If you have skipped the dosage, take it as soon as possible.
If it’s time to take the next dosage, you should skip the missed dose and take only the scheduled one.
Avoid taking two doses of Beconase at once, as it may aggravate your condition. In case of overdose, seek immediate medical assistance.


Before starting the treatment, inform your doctor if you’re allergic to it, as this medicine contains some inactive components, which can cause allergic responses.
If you suffer from such diseases as glaucoma, cataracts, tuberculosis, nasal trauma or surgery, etc. inform your doctor before starting the treatment with this drug.
Avoid contacting with people with infectious diseases, such as measles, influenza or varicella. Contact your doctor immediately if you suffered from such illnesses.
The long-term treatment with corticosteroids can make it difficult for the patients to handle the physical stress. If you’re going to have any operation, any treatment, or if you have been hurt seriously, inform your physician about using Beconase. Remember that the sharp drug withdrawal may cause depression and pain in the joints or muscles.

Adverse effects

Adverse effects usually happen when the drug isn’t used properly. Both the brand drug and its generic have the same adverse effects: irritation in the nose, nausea, head and throat pain may occur at the early stage of treatment but will go away with time. Severe adverse effects like nasal bleeding, wheezing or vision impairment must be immediately treated by your doctor.

Drug interaction

Before starting to use Beconase, tell the doctor if you’re currently taking any prescription, non-prescription drugs or herbal supplements, as it may cause drug interaction.
Don’t alter the dosage of other drugs without consulting your doctor. Avoid using corticosteroids (such as prednisone), as it can enhance the risk of adverse effects. Never change the drug dosage without the approval of your doctor.