Clozaril relates to potent anti-psychotic drugs from the group of neuroleptics.

Therapeutic effect

The mechanism of action of this therapeutic agent, which carries out the active ingredient called clozapine, is very complicated and understandable only to specialists. This substance blocks specific nerve endings (receptors, dopamine DA) in the brain structures, the trigger zone of the vomiting center and the hypothalamus, causing and adrenoceptor blocking, anticholinergic action, thereby providing anti-psychotic and sedative effect. According to the testimony of psychiatrists, during the process of treatment of this drug patients experience decreases of the number of recurrent impulsive and aggressive state, motor excitation, insomnia eliminates, and most importantly –the frequency of suicide attempts is significantly reduced compared with patients who do not take Clozaril. It is important that taking this medication does not cause neurological complications (extrapyramidal disorders) that are associated with the use of drugs-neuroleptics.

Indications for use

It’s an anti-psychotic prescribed for chronic and acute schizophrenic illness, delusional disorders, pathological manias, phobias, manic-depressive psychosis. Clozaril eliminates aggressiveness, anger, anxiety, excessive joy and other manifestations of strengthening mental and physical activity that accompany the state of psychomotor excitation.

The conditions of admission

Pharmaceutical companies produce the medication in the form of pills that should be taken three times a day. Single dose depends on the severity of the disease and is determined individually for each patient, so it can vary from 50 – 200 milligrams. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect of Clozaril is manifested gradually. In the first 5 – 6 days the drug has a pronounced calming effect, in a few weeks, it eliminates the symptoms of psychopathy, and lasting anti-psychotic effect can be expected after a month and a half after the start of treatment. Then you should move to receive maintenance doses.

Drug contraindications

This drug has a number of contraindications that must be considered before his appointment. The medicine cannot be used in case of alcoholic psychosis, coma, myasthenia gravis, poor circulation in the structures of bone marrow, agranulocytosis. The drug is not prescribed in case of the individual immunity to its active ingredient, to women during pregnancy and lactation and children under 5 years of age. It is strictly forbidden to take this anti-psychotic in conjunction with alcohol.

Side effects

Any medications created to treat mental illness can cause many side effects. Clozaril is not an exception. The instruction notes that when taking this anti-psychotic there is the probability of occurrence of tachycardia, urinary incontinence, salivation, excessive sweating, dizziness. The nervous system can result in daytime sleepiness, tremor of the extremities, fatigue, and gastrointestinal tract with nausea, vomiting, constipation. In addition, the body may respond to medication with weight gain, the appearance of allergic itchy skin rashes, changes of indicators of the electrocardiogram, a sharp drop in blood pressure, even fainting.

Clozaril is a very serious medication created for long-term treatment of mental disorders, so the drug is sold strictly on prescription. Self-treatment is entirely excluded because patients must constantly be under the supervision of a physician.