Drug Description

Colospa is the brand name of Mebeverine that belongs to the group of muscarinic antagonists. Meberverine also falls within the group of drugs called antispasmodics. This medicine is sold in pills. It is available in the following dosages: 50 mg, 135 mg and 300 mg.


Colospa is used for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and stomach cramps caused by the organic disorder. Mebeverine allows the patient to alleviate stomach and gut cramps. Store the drugs at room temperature protected from the sunlight and moisture.


Take Colospa half an hour before eating 3 times a day. This drug can’t be taken by the children under the age of 10. Take the drug according to the doctor’s prescription.
The drug dosage depends on the patient’s individual characteristics. Avoid sharing the pills with other people suffering from similar diseases. Patients usually note the improvement in a few weeks.
The doctor may change the drug dosage after the improvement of symptoms.
Colospa is sold in the form of extended-release capsule that should be swallowed whole. Older people should take the drug with special caution, as they may be very sensitive to its components.

Adverse Effects

Some of the adverse effects are: vertigo, head pain, constipation, heart burn, upset stomach, sleeping problems, lack of appetite, fatigue, increased heart rate, skin rash, itch, breathing difficulty, face swelling and nausea.
To avoid these effects, you should consult your doctor about certain health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, digestive problems, renal dysfunction and peptic ulcer.


Inform your doctor about any drugs you’re taking (prescription and non- prescription drugs, herbal supplements and vitamins) you’re currently taking as they can interact with Colospa.
Tell your doctor about the type of food you eat as this drug may cause food interactions.
Avoid drinking alcohol during the treatment, as it also interacts with the drug components.
Inform the doctor if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy.