Drug Description

Desyrel is a brand name of Trazodone. This medicine was approved by Food and Drug Administration (1981) for the treatment of anxiety disorder.
Desyrel belongs to the group of serotonin modulators that act by reducing anxiety and sleeplessness caused by depression, by elevate the mood and increasing the energy level of the patient.
As imbalance of the brain neurotransmitters leads to depression, Desyrel acts by affecting their activity.

Essential information

Desyrel is mostly used for the treatment of depression. When the drug was first released it was intended for use by elderly patients, as has almost no side effects.
The drug acts by blocking the neurotransmitter in the CNS (anticholinergic property).
This drug has anti-anxiety properties and low muscle damage (cardiotoxicity) compared with the other drugs for the treatment of depression. It is very important for the elderly patients with sleeplessness, severe anxiety and depression.
The effect of Desyrel is similar to that of Diazepam as regards its anti-anxiety properties. The lower dosage of this drug can be used as an alternative in the treatment of sleeplessness.
Before starting the therapy, you must inform your doctor if you suffer from any of the following diseases: heart failure, renal dysfunction, bipolar disorder, glaucoma or hypertension or suicidal thoughts in history.
Patients using this drug can feel dizziness as it affect the cognitive ability. To prevent accidents, you should avoid engaging in any work that requires high concentration.
If you have low level of potassium and are taking this drug, the syndrome may increase.
Kids and elderly patients are at high risk of being affected by adverse effects.
Woman must not take this drug during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as Desyrel can affect the child.
Patients may experience long QT syndrome, whereas the heart beat is increasing. Sometimes, the drug cause fainting or other severe side effects.


Desyrel is sold in the form of regular-release and extended-release pills. In contrast to the other pills, it can be split into two (depending on the doctor’s prescription). However, the pill must not be chewed or crushed.
The dosage of Desyrel varies from 150 to 375 mg, and the duration of treatment is up to 14 days. The drug must be taken regularly with food 2 or more times a day at the same time.
The initial dosage of Desyrel must be low, and then gradually increased after 3-4 days after consulting your physician. Extended-release pill must be taken without eating once a day before sleep.

Adverse effects

Serious adverse effects

  • Panic disorder
  • Irregular heart rate or breathing problems
  • Depression and suicidal tendencies

If you note any of these adverse effects, you should consult a doctor at once, as it may cause undesirable consequences.


Desyrel must not be combined with the drugs for the treatment of mental diseases, HIV, heartburn and epilepsy, as it may cause serious adverse effects.
Some drug interactions can be very dangerous and must be treated as soon as possible.