Drug Description

An E-cigarette is an electronic device helping persons suffering from nicotine addiction to stop smoking. E-cigarette evaporates a liquid with very low concentration of nicotine. The smoke that comes off this cigarette is just water vapor. There are different kinds of liquid with various flavors, nicotine concentration, etc.

Main advantages of E-cigarette

The electronic cigarette doesn’t represent any tar or carbon monoxide, in contrast to the similar substances available in the usual tobacco-based products. The usual cigarettes you can find on the market contain at least 4000 dangerous components which are not included in the E-cigarettes.
Most people using the electronic cigarette felt better as their body is released from toxins (in contrast to the usual cigarettes). The harmful substances of common cigarettes also include tar that is detrimental to the user’s health.
By slowly getting accustomed to E-cigarette, the human body will realize the benefits accrued by refraining from the normal cigars. You can stop feeling guilty about spoiling others’ health through what is termed as second-hand smoking. And research does throw ample light on how second-hand smoking is dangerous than the smoking itself.

Usage instructions

The plan to quit smoking by using E-cigarette should be well devised to get the intended benefits. First, you should know how to use electronic cigarette exactly and only after getting used to it the thought of decreasing the nicotine level should arise. The level of nicotine in the electronic cigarettes varies from one company to the other.
Try to inhale the E-cigarette very slowly; you need at least 3-5 seconds to get the most out of it. The vapor should be held for a while before releasing for getting high on nicotine. Take 3 to 7 draws at a time and repeat it.
Try to avoid using E-cigarette more than 7 times in a row, as you may use it again later during the same day.


Bear in mind that it is not a perfect solution. People can’t use the E-cigarette for a long time and avoid problems caused by smoking. Whatever product you choose or which site you purchase from, nicotine available in the liquid is still detrimental. Unless you purchase the nicotine-free liquid for your electronic cigarette, you are exposed to the harmful effects of nicotine. Therefore, you can use it only for a short time.
Electronic cigarette is won’t help you to easily quit smoking. You must make some efforts to stop smoking gradually as getting rid of this habit takes much time. There is a wide range of electronic cigarettes in the market, and it is very important to find the right one.
Don’t expect that you’ll feel the same flavor as that of the common cigarettes. Choose the small battery if you want to save money. However, its charge and capacity will be much less.
People with severe smoking addiction should choose a bigger battery, which may last longer and doesn’t require frequent charging. Select the nicotine strength (it may range between 0, 6, 12 or 18 mg and called respectively- ultralight, light and full flavored).