Elocon Cream



Elocon cream is a glucocorticoid drug for external use. Active substance of this medicine is mometasone which reduces inflammation and reduces the symptoms of itching, burning, irritation, and also has a vasoconstrictor effect. Elocon cream is used in case of any inflammatory lesions of epithelial tissues that are sensitive to the effects of glucocorticoids, such as atopic, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and other.

Method of application and doses

It is applied with a thin layer to affected skin 1 time a day.

Drug contraindications

This drug is contradicted if you are hypersensitive to its components, in particular, and to glucocorticoids in general. It is not appointed to children up to two years. The probability of risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been studied, therefore, in these period Elocon cream is used with caution.

The drug may cause side effects, for the most part, local reactions such as irritation, itching and pustular eruptions of different types. It was noted, also, other local manifestations, for example, changes in skin pigmentation, hair growth, secondary infection and so on. The possibility of development of side effects may be caused by a violation of the ventilation of the affected area of skin, rubbing it about the clothes, linen and the like. Elocon cream is not applied to the face and décolleté.

Special instructions

Long-term use of Elocon can reverse the symptoms of certain skin diseases that in turn can complicate the correct diagnosis. In case of prolonged use of Elocon the healing of any skin injuries – scratches, wounds, abrasions performs much slower.

Numerous reviews of Elocon note its active action. Symptoms pass quite quickly. However, many patients had problems after giving up Elocon It turns out that, after prolonged treatment with this means, it develops addictive and abrupt cessation of therapy leads to redness, rosacea, the manifestation of capillary patterns in the skin.

If you feel itch, or notice irritation on the skin, you should not go to the pharmacy and buy Elocon cream. Firstly, you shouldn’t do it because Elocon is a powerful medication for the treatment of severe systemic diseases. Secondly, successful solution of a problem may occur only after establishing its cause, and using these drugs, you only mask the symptoms, alter the true picture of the disease, not eliminating it.