The modern pace of life, stress, adverse environmental conditions, the weakened condition of the body can be for any man a reason for the decline in their potency. We should not despair, even if the failure in bed has become frequent. You will be helped in this situation by pills to enhance potency that are based on Sildenafil and used throughout the world by men of different ages. The most well-known drug is Viagra and its analogs.
One of the most popular drugs to correct erectile disorders is Eriacta, which reviews can be read on many websites. Men of all ages successfully use it for hedging in achieving sustainable erection. The drug does not affect the sperm motility and the ability of man to conceive. Original drug Viagra is available in the same form and dosage as generic Eriacta. Note that the drug to increase potency Eriacta is not meant to extend sexual intercourse. The full drug name is Eriacta Sildenafil Citrate Tablets I. P. The manufacturer is well known Indian pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, equipped with the latest equipment and its own laboratories. High quality of products allows the company to focus on the buyers of America and Europe.
The main active substance of tablets to improve the potency of Eriacta is sildenafil citrate. This substance selectively inhibits the cleavage of PDE-5 and relaxes the smooth arterial muscles of the cavernous body of male sexual organ. It causes a powerful blood flow to the penis and an erection occurs. Taking Eriacta, it is not necessary to worry that the erection will begin to appear as soon as the drug gets into the bloodstream and starts the mechanism of action. A man needs sexual stimulation to provoke an erection.
The pills are taken orally without chewing. It is better to take it with water. The recommended daily dosage is 1 tablet. After taking the drug begins to act on average after 50 minutes, and this effect can last from four to five hours. Before you start taking pills Eriacta, it is necessary to take into account all possible contraindications. It is recommended to consult a doctor who will take into account individual characteristics and health status.

Drug Contradictions

It is contraindicated to use the product, if there are possible allergic reactions to components of the drug, there are severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver or kidney disease, peptic ulcer disease in the period of exacerbation, poor circulation, fibrosis or Peyronie’s disease, hereditary retinitis pigmentosa. You should not consume alcohol together with Eriacta.
The most common side effects are: facial flushing, headaches, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, a feeling of stuffiness of the nose. There are rare cases of sudden hearing loss. Do not use Eriacta if, you have recently had therapy with organic nitrates. Alpha-blockers are also inconsistent with Eriacta tablets.