Femcare is a medicament that is widely used to treat fungal infections caused by yeast or yeast-like fungi.

Indications for the use of Femcare are

  • Acute and chronic vaginal candidiasis
  • Prevention of thrush recurrence
  • Prevention of repeated fungal vaginal infections that develop with primary or secondary immunodeficiency or prolonged use of antibiotics that disrupt the bacterial state of the vagina
  • In the complex therapy of systemic fungal diseases of the skin and its derivatives (dermatomycosis, trichophytosis, microsporia, fungal paronychia, etc.)
  • Before childbirth – sanitation of the genital tract of the mother.
  • In case of using of local drugs (suppositories, vaginal pills, etc.), the treatment takes from several days to 1 week, then the treatment with systemic drugs usually takes 1-3 days.
  • In addition, pills and capsules taken internally, eliminate the fungus, not only in the genitals, but throughout the body (even if they are present in minimal amounts).


Contraindications of Femcare are as follows:

  • Intolerance (allergy) of the drug components (even in the past)
  • Pregnancy (especially 1 trimester)
  • Relative contraindication – breast-feeding (lactation)

    Side effects of Femcare

  • With topical application, itching, redness, rashes, edema, burning are possible; rarely – blisters.
  • With intra-vaginal use of the drug – itching, burning, edema, pain during intercourse, vaginal discharge, cystitis, etc.

Femcare and its analogues are most often prescribed, because it has the maximum negative effect on the life of the fungus for 1 day of treatment. With his intolerance, the treating doctor replaces this drug with a medicine from other groups.