Drug Description

Finax is a medicine for the treatment of hair loss. The active component of this drug is Finasteride. This medicine prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Too high levels of the latter increase androgen activity in the scalp and weaken the hair follicles, thereby making them to fall. The medicine allows suppressing this activity by preventing the release of DHT.


Finax is used for the treatment of hair loss in men because of such health conditions as male pattern baldness (MPB) or androgenetic alopecia.
This medicine is especially effective in preventing minor to moderate the hair loss.
The pills may not be as efficient in patients suffering from severe hair loss. Finax must not be used by women; it is intended only for men.
As active component of the drug may be absorbed into the skin, in pregnant women it can harm the fetus.


Take the pill of Finax at the same time every day to reduce the release of DHT.
This medicine is indicated for long-term use, as hair growth is a long process. Take the pill orally with water, irrespective of the mealtime.
Take Finax strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. Missing, changing the dose stopping the treatment without consulting the doctor is undesirable as it may reduce the therapeutic effects of the medicine.

Adverse effects

Any patients suffering from hair loss can use Finax and to enjoy all advantages of this medicine. However, the use of this medicine may cause the following adverse effects:

  • reduced sexual desire,
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • itch,
  • hives.

People who undergo the treatment with Finasteride must get regular blood tests done to prevent any possible adverse effects, such as prostate or mammal gland cancer.
Most patients experience only positive effects of the treatment. However, if you have any allergic responses or serious symptoms, seek immediate medical assistance.


The dosage and duration of treatment depends on the patient’s reaction to the drug. Inform the doctor about any drugs you’re currently taking to prevent drug interactions.
Prescription and non-prescription pills, vitamins, herbal drugs may have a negative effect on the hair loss treatment. Stick to the doctor’s recommendations and drug instructions to avoid any undesirable consequences.