Flagyl is a drug acting against bacteria and protozoa. The basis of drugs is metronidazole, which is included in the composition of many other drugs:Neo-penotran, Metrogyl and so on. This component is active against microorganisms in an anoxic environment, i.e., anaerobic bacteria. Only a few aerobic gram-negative microorganisms, such as Gardnerella are sensitive to it. Also, protozoa such as amoeba, Giardia and Trichomonas are destroyed by metronidazole. Accordingly, treatment with Flagyl can be prescribed in case of various infectious diseases of the sexual sphere, and also, this drug is used in surgery to prevent complications.

It is produced oral, intra-vaginal and parenteral forms of Flagyl, i.e., pills, suppositories and solutions for injection. Moreover, the reception of the drug intravenous is indicated only in cases when other ways are impossible. The instruction of drug can give standard information about its doses and regimens that are assigned in various lesions. But, of course, the last word should remain for the attending physician who has an individual treatment plan for each patient.

It is contradicted to take Flagyl to patients with hypersensitivity to it, in the first trimester of pregnancy and while breast-feeding. It is necessary to inform professionals, prescribing you this medication that you have problems with liver, blood, nervous system, whether you suffer from alcoholism – all these factors can complicate treatment.

Side effects and overdose

The use of this drug may lead to disorders of the digestive system – stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite and so on. We have already mentioned that sometimes it affects the nervous system, changes the blood formula. There are some cases of allergy.

Overdose can cause severe symptoms of dyspepsia, epileptic seizures. In this symptomatic patient requires medical assistance. There is no drug antagonist, the reception of which would relieve its adverse effects.

Having studied the reviews about this product, you can see that it tolerated by patients not so easily.

Flagyl is a drug, which has a variety of analogues. So, if you are experiencing unwanted symptoms on the background of its reception, you should consult a doctor about changing of medications that might be effective. In addition, you shouldn’t make a decision about accepting or changing the dose of Flagyl, or stop the treatment without consulting a specialist.