Generic Levitra


Generic Levitra is a modern medication to treat erectile dysfunction – a condition in which a man cannot achieve an erection or maintain it during the period of time required for a successful sexual intercourse.

Generic Levitra is recommended to men of any age older than 16 years suffering from instability and lack of erectile function, and also its absence. The advantage of generic Levitra is that a man is not obliged to systematically take the drug. Levitra is used in the case when a man involves sexual contact. When using the drug you should not expect a spontaneous erection, it occurs only after sexual stimulation, as during natural intercourse.

Proven effectiveness of generic Levitra in healthy men is about 85-92%. In patients with comorbidities and the diseases it is slightly lower, but still is quite high: diabetes and 72% prostatectomy – 71%, impotence in severe form – 72%.

Take a pill about half an hour before intimate contact. The drug should be taken with water. Fatty foods and alcoholic drinks do not reduce the force of impact of generic Levitra, however, due to the fact that alcohol can increase the severity of some side effects of the drug, the patient should refrain from eating more than three servings of alcohol before taking Levitra.

The action of generic Levitra starts in about half an hour after taking the pill. The effectiveness of the drug does not decrease the systematic use. Erection is achieved after each dose. You should not take more than one pill of Levitra per day. It is desirable to withstand 24-hour interval before taking another dose. The validity of the product ranges from 10 to 22 hours, which allows a man to carry out several sex acts, after taking half or one tablet.

If a man has no contraindications, Generic Levitra will show excellent results in patients of any age who mark that after regular use of the drug they have a stable improvement of the sexual sphere, and, consequently, the quality of life and relationships with the opposite sex.

Drug Contraindications

There are some contraindications to generic Levitra. It is strictly forbidden in such cases:

  • Women and patients under 16 years of age
  • Men suffering from severe form of any cardiovascular disease
  • If you are hypersensitive for one or more components of generic Levitra
  • Simultaneously with the use of alpha-blockers and dosage forms of the group of nitrates

A limited taking of the drug under the supervision of a physician is in the following circumstances:

  • Abnormal liver function
  • Anatomical deformation of the penis
  • The tendency to prolonged erection without sexual arousal (priapism)
  • The extended period of the electrical systole of the heart (QT interval)

Possible side effects

Among the most common side effects that occur when taking Levitra there are:

  • Headache or dizziness
  • Redness of the skin
  • Nasal congestion (rhinitis)
  • Dysfunction of the digestive system (dyspepsia)

All side effects are mild, easily tolerated by patients and are of short duration.