Grifulvin V



Grifulvin-v is a drug that affects the fungal infection. The uniqueness of the drug is that it is oxygen-containing. In addition to all the benefits, Grifulvin-v is an antibiotic that can eliminate the fungus and accelerate the regeneration of cells.

The instruction for the preparation includes a description of the composition of the medicament: griseofulvin (active ingredient); potato starch; milk sugar; Calcium stearate; Low molecular weight povidone. A medicine is prepared for the fungal infection in the form of a suspension, tablets and ointment. The amount of active substance differs depending on the form of sale of the agent. For the treatment of nail fungus, it is recommended to use tablets or ointment.

Special instructions

Antibiotic is prescribed for the diagnosis of fungal infection. The mechanism of the action of Grifulvin-v has features. Unlike many analogous antifungal agents, the drug prevents the synthesis of DNA and RNA. The result is a complete blockade of fungal spores, which leads to the elimination of infection. The mechanism of action is directed to the development of resistance of tissues to the fungus.


Treatment of fungal infection with Grifulvin-v should only be carried out according to the doctor’s prescription. Instruction for use contains instructions for the action of the drug on the body in certain forms of the fungus. Determine the diagnosis without medical assistance is impossible, so the patient needs consultation of a dermatologist. Use of tablets and ointment is recommended for the following diseases: mycosis and epidermophytosis of the skin; Onychomycosis of the nails; Microsporia of the scalp and smooth skin; Trichophytosis and favus. Against some types of infection, the drug has no effect. In this regard, self-medication is not desirable.


Grifulvin-v is a potent antibiotic, so it has contraindications. The active substance can cause a negative reaction when the body’s sensitivity to the component is increased.
Also, contraindications for use include: pregnancy; Lactation period; Red systemic lupus erythematosus; Porphyria; Blood diseases; Leukopenia; Pathology of the kidneys and hepatic. It is not recommended to use ointment and tablets in the presence of oncological neoplasms (cancer). Prescribe the drug to children only in exceptional cases.

Side effects

As a result of Grifulvin-v therapy, some patients may experience a side effect. Antibiotic causes a violation of natural processes from the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and circulatory system. Side effects are diagnosed by the following symptoms: headache, weakness, poor sleep, disorientation, numbness of the skin and others; feeling of nausea, vomiting, upset of stomach, abdominal pain, stomatitis, hepatitis; violation of the blood cell level; allergic reaction.