Haridra Himalaya



Drug Description

Haridra is an herbal supplement produced by the Himalayan Drug Company. It includes the rhizome of a plant named Curcuma longa that has a distinct yellow color and contains a pungent taste. Due to its power, the medicine is considered the most investigated drug in the recent times. The medicine can be used for the treatment of different medical conditions. Another advantage of Haridra Himalaya is that it is a 100 % vegetarian, and therefore has almost no adverse effects. If you’ve experience allergy to this drug, consult the doctor before starting the treatment.


This drug can be used for different purposes, for example cleaning of blood and fevers caused by malaria, the treatment of flu and asthma. This drug has anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore may be used to relieve the inflammation in different body parts. This drug is classified as antioxidant and hence prevents the organs damage that may occur in diabetics.
Moreover, Haridra treats various skin allergies and inflammation as well as dementia. This is a non-prescription medicine. However, it better to inform your physician before starting the treatment. The drug can perform so many functions as it acts at a cellular level.


The drug is available in the form of 400 mg pill that can be taken with water. Taken 1 to 2 pills two times a day (depending on your symptoms). However, you must discuss it with your doctor. Pregnant or lactating women and patients with hypertension or diabetes should begin the treatment with this drug only after consulting their doctor. If you use this drug for a long time but don’t notice any improvement, talk to your doctor to find out the reason.

Adverse effects

As Haridra is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, it can’t cause any adverse effects in healthy people. Even the long-term treatment doesn’t cause heath complications. However, it may interact with some health conditions. Inform the doctor about your diseases before starting the treatment.


Usually, this medicine doesn’t interact with other drugs. But just to make sure, you should inform your physician about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs and herbal supplements you’re currently taking.