Indocin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It has the following properties: eliminates swelling, has an analgesic effect, reduces the temperature and prevents clotting. Speaking of anti-inflammatory effect, it appears within a week after the beginning of treatment. Other symptoms reduce, the joints become more movable, and the pain goes away.
Based on this, the drug is used systematically, when you need to affect the locomotor system during the treatment of rheumatic, inflammatory, traumatic and degenerative diseases. You can use the drug for the treatment of menstrual cycle disorder and accompanying pain syndrome, tooth- and headache; if the area has fever or inflammation, and the other drugs are ineffective; in case of neuralgia, joint syndrome, traumas, inflammation, pain in the spine. The ophthalmologists use this drug as local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drug.
The drug is used very widely, and therefore has different dosage forms: pills, suppositories, capsules, ointment, eye drops and gel. The drug comes with an instruction containing all the necessary information about the recommended dosages and treatment schemes.
This is a drug of systemic action. Therefore, it is not recommended to the patients with bleeding disorders, cardiovascular diseases, hearing impairments, mental problems and nervous system disorders. The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, and also to the patients under the age of 14. The ointment is contraindicated to the children under 1 year. The local application of the drug is forbidden to the children under 6 years and the patients with aspirin intolerance, pregnant (especially during the I and II trimester) and breastfeeding women; clotting disorders or tissue breakdowns.
The use of this drug can cause side effects in any system or organ. During the treatment with Indocin, you should refuse from driving and carrying out the work that requires high concentration.