Innopran XL



Drug Description

The main active component of Innopran XL is propranolol hydrochloride. This drug belongs to the group of non-selective beta-blockers. The white-colored crystalline pill can be easily solved in water and ethanol.

Indications for use

Innopran XL is a beta-adrenergic blocking agent, used for the treatment of hypertension. In addition, this drug allows you to prevent such illnesses as strokes, heart and renal failure. The drug acts by blocking natural chemicals in the human organism (such as epinephrine that impacts heart and blood vessels in people. After its blocking, natural chemical reduces the blood pressure, cardiac workload and heart rate.


You can find Innopran XL in the following dosages: 80 mg and 120 mg.
Take the pills drug orally irrespective of the mealtime. Stick to the same pattern during the treatment. This drug is sold in the form of the capsule that should be swallowed (and not chewed). Due to the unusual composition of this drug, some components will be released as soon as you take the drug, while it will take the others several minutes. If you crush the capsule before taking, it can make all the components to release at the same time, which may cause overdose. It may take you several weeks to recover from the symptoms.
Don’t end the treatment abruptly. In this case, the specialist would reduce the dose and gradually halts the medication after several days. Stick to the dose prescribed by your doctor to achieve the desired effect. Try to take the drug every day at the same time.
If you skipped the dose of Innopran XL, take it as soon as possible. Avoid sharing the medicine with the other patient, even if he/she has the same symptoms.

Adverse Effects

Chest pain, pain in the throat, memory loss, mood swings, hallucinations, increased heart rate, vertigo, wheezing, abrupt weight gain and blurred vision.


Tell you doctor if you suffer from one of the following diseases: liver and renal failure, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid gland disorders, depression, heart diseases and diabetes.

Drug interactions can reduce the efficiency of Innopran XL or cause some undesirable effects. These medicine include: Alpha blockers, Anticholinergics, Hydralazine, Rizatriptan, Ritonavir, Fingolimod, Thioridazine, Haloperidol, Theophylline, Rifabutin, Propafenone and Quinidine. Please inform the doctor about the drugs you’re taking before starting the treatment with Innopran XL.