Isoptin is a drug that decreases the blood pressure. The active substance of this drug is Verapamin, produced also as an independent medication. Isoptin block the release of calcium through the cellular membranes. Calcium is responsible for the contraction of smooth muscles and, therefore the narrowing of vessels. The state of the cardiovascular system improves under the impact of Isoptin: it normalizes cardiac muscle work, relaxes major vessels and decreases blood pressure.

Indications for use of Isoption

  • Hypertensive disease
  • Tachycardia
  • Myocardial ischemia (shortness of breath)

Isoptin is available in two dosage forms: pills and solution for injections. The latter are necessary for intensive impact. The treatment continues with a drip administration of Isoptin in saline. The instruction describes the pills as a means of long-term maintenance therapy. Take the pills three-four times a day after the meal.


Severe heart failures – shock, complicated heart attack, conductivity problems.


The use of Isoptin and Isoptin СР240 is not recommended to the pregnant women. The drug can be used only after the consideration of possible risks and benefits of the expected therapeutic effect. If the breastfeeding woman must take Isoptin, she must stop the breastfeeding.

Side effects and overdose

The use of Isoptin can break the conduction of impulses in the cardiac muscle. Excessive vascular dilatation can cause hypotension in patient. Besides, it can lead to swellings, muscle or joint pains and allergic reactions.
Excessive dose of Isoptin is harmful for the human health (especially cardiac activity).

Additional information

If you have an expressed arterial hypertension, you should combine the drug with hypotension medications (APF inhibitors and diuretics). The reaction to Isoptin can be different in different people, which must be considered if you have to work with dangerous aggregates or drive. At the initial stage of treatment, when you replace the other drug with Isoption or take it with alcohol-containing drinks or drugs, you can experience psychomotor retardation.
Isoptin is one of hundreds of drugs that affect cardiovascular system. This is one of the subtle tools for configuring the work of blood and vessels, whose function suffers. Therefore, it can be prescribed only by the specialist. You can’t sort through the hypotensive drugs, decrease or increase their dosages without consulting your doctor.