Kamagra Chewable



It is a drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Chewable Kamagra is recommended in the absence or instability of erectile function. The drug is equally effective for any reason disorders: psychological, organic or mixed ones.

Chewable Kamagra is like candy. Thus it provides privacy actions. The action begins in 20 minutes after ingestion.

The action of Kamagra Chewable is not inferior to Viagra with a Sildenafil composition. Special Supplement of Indian manufacturer has made this drug even more effective and easy to use. One of 4 tablets of blister packs with pineapple, orange, strawberry, banana flavours will provide a quick and stable effect. A tablet with a pleasant taste may be taken without water; it is absorbed by a man as a candy. Due to this, you can hide the uncertainty in the forces from your partner. The effect of Kamagra begins sooner than conventional pills. In 15 minutes, a man will feel a rush of blood to the genital area. Increased blood supply, caused by the action of Sildenafil leads to the arousal of men with the strengthening of the penis. But this effect is achieved only in the presence of a source of inspiration. Pretty woman and sweet Kamagra are two important keys for good sex with wonderful sensations and pleasant emotions.


  • provides guaranteed increasing of erection;
  • contributes to the harmonious sex;
  • has the convenient form of reception;
  • has a pleasant taste and odor;
  • hides your secret;
  • does not affect sperm production and fertility;
  • acts, regardless of the intake of nutritious food and a small amount of alcohol (no more than a glass of wine);
  • is quickly absorbed and starts to act faster;
  • has an affordable cost.

Bright coloured pills with a pleasant fruity or strawberry flavour are not perceived by patients as a medical drug. This fact is important for the ego of men, not accustomed to the use of medicines and pills.

Side effects and drug contraindications

As any medications, Kamagra may have side effects. However, consumers of chewing stimulants of erection noted that such phenomena are rare and last for short. Adverse reactions will occur in the case if you exceed the rule of reception.  A healthy man does not need recipes from doctor to buy Kamagra Chewable. You must carefully read the annotation and follow its requirements. But doctor’s recommendations are useful for men with heart diseases, serious kidney or liver diseases.

Quick instructions

  • A tablet is dissolved under the tongue
  • Active substance: sildenafil 100mg
  • Form of release: blister 4 tablets
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Admission: 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse regardless of food intake
  • Alcohol: only in small quantities
  • Recommended daily dose: 1 tablet