Kamagra Soft Tabs



Kamagra soft is an effecrive generic drug which is used in treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is a cheap version of the original Viagra. Generic Kamagra soft contains the same active substance – sildenafil.

Pharmacological effectiveness

Positive effect occurs within 15 minutes after taking the pill. This is due to the fact that the active component of the drug is not ingested into the digestive system, and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. There filling of blood vessels of the penis occur, which in turn leads to a natural erection.

The maximum concentration of the active ingredient is reached after 1-2 hours. The effect lasts about 5 hours.

Please note!

It is impossible to achieve self-erection after taking the pill. If you want to obtain the effect from the pills the presence of the sexual stimulant is necessary. Due to this fact you don’t have to worry that the erection will come at the wrong time.

In addition, the important point is that after intercourse, the erection goes away, but if you are excited again, it will appear again.

How to take Kamagra soft tabs?

As shown in the instructions for use, the pills must be taken at a dosage of 25-100 mg. Such dosage is calculated for a day. Taking 2 or more pills per day is prohibited!

You shouldn’t drink water taking Kamagra soft. You should place the pill under the tongue and wait for complete dissolution. This method of application allows you to get erection much earlier what can’t be said about the original viagra.

Side effects

Usually, side effects occur rarely and, only in case of overdose. The patient may experience dizziness, manifestation of allergic reactions, a person can greatly blush. Rarely the digestive system is disrupted, but these effects are rapidly.


Kamagra soft is contraindicated for patients:

  • With allergies
  • During the reception of nitrates and agents of nitric oxide
  • When taking other medications against impotence
  • With angina pectoris
  • With heart failure
  • With stroke or heart attack in history
  • With leukemia
  • With ulcers

It is important to understand that Kamagra is designed for effective treatment of pronounced sexual disorders in men. It is impractical to take the drugs for preventive purposes. Kamagra has little or no impact for healthy men. If a man who considers himself completely healthy decides to check the effect of Kamagra and notices a substantial enhancement of the erection, then he will need to start treating sexual problems, which hasn’t been obvious for him. Kamagra for men is able to identify such problems in the beginning. In any case, you need immediate consultation with a medical specialist. The initial course of specific treatment will restore a hidden erectile dysfunction.