Levitra is a medicine created on the basis of Viagra and contains the additive, which protects the molecules of Viagra from the effects of alcohol. Therefore Levitra can be used even if you drank a hundred grams of cognac or vodka.

Nevertheless, you should note that alcohol supplement work for a short time; in two or three hours the alcohol will also destroy it. The rest of the actions of Levitra is the same as the actions of Viagra Levitra will not particularly help those who have alcohol in the blood constantly.


  • The drug is designed to treat erectile dysfunction and improve male potency
  • The effect manifests itself in 30-60 minutes after taking the medicine by rush of blood to the penis
  • Minimal time for recovery between sexual acts
  • Excellent tolerability in primary and secondary reception

How to take?

This medication is for oral intake, it is recommended to be taken 1 hour before sexual activity. For most men the recommended starting dose of Levitra is 10mg per day. The minimum effective dose is 5mg and the maximum is 20mg. You can take Levitra on an empty stomach, or with food (soft drinks, juices).

Most often Levitra takes effect within 10 minutes. Depending on the psychological state, this period may increase up to 25-30 minutes. Once in the body, vardenafil provides a stable erection, which, however, occurs exclusively through sexual contact. In the absence of erotic arousal, natural erection does not occur. Action Levitra lasts for 8-10 hours and does not depend on the consumption of alcohol and/or fatty foods. Doctors note superb absorption and excellent tolerability in primary and repeated receptions. The prolonged use of Vardenafil is not addictive.

Drug contradictions

It is not recommended to take Levitra in conjunction with nitrate containing drugs ( donators of nitrogen) and with alpha-blockers. Sometimes there is intolerance to individual components of the drug. It should not be taken by men with heart disease because it can cause exacerbation while having sex. Men who have anatomical deformation of the penis (Peyronie’s disease, cavernous fibrosis, bending), severe liver disease, tendency to priapism should take the drug with caution. Levitra is meant only for men over the age of 16.

In rare cases (mostly in overdose) you may experience unpleasant side effects — headache, dizziness, rhinitis, blood flow to the face, and dyspepsia. If you experience side effects, you’d better contact the clinic or your doctor.