Thinking about hormonal contraception, you need to understand two things:

  • Firstly, the modern medications are much more perfect than the first hormonal drugs which means they are able to solve many problems of the body and not to injure the health.
  • Secondly, despite this, one must understand that the intrusion into the system of hormonal regulation must be correct, i.e. requires consultation and individual selection of drugs.

Levlen is an oral contraceptive, belonging to the group of micro-dose monophasic preparations. The active ingredients in the composition of this medium are synthetic analogues of two natural female hormones – progesterone and estradiol. Levlen is called “monophasic” because the concentration of active components in each tablet is identical, that is, their reception is not bound to certain days of the menstrual cycle. Due to the micro-doses, the hormones adjust the process of internal regulation very delicately, without undermining women’s health. Levlen reduces the production of hormones that play an important role in providing fertility – FSH and LH. Thus, ovulation does not occur and conception can’t occur. In addition to the contraceptive effect, this drug is used to correct menstrual disorders, and conditions associated with the excess concentration of “male” hormone, testosterone, in the blood.

Levlen is released in the form of pills. The instruction of the drug describes in detail how to take hormonal contraceptives. You need to remember that there are many contraindications to use contraceptives such as Levlen. They are system failure affecting the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, pancreas, and so forth; and also the age, habits, etc. This means that only specialist who will take into account all “pros” and “cons” can choose the right method of contraception. Pregnancy and lactation are direct contraindications to the use any hormonal contraceptives.

Side effects and overdose

There is no doubt that the body of each individual woman might negatively react to the introduction of additional hormones, even in micro-doses, individually. The reception of Levlen, like other hormonal contraceptives, may be accompanied by dyspeptic symptoms, migraines, hypertension, allergic reactions, reduced libido, metabolic disorders and so on.

The probability of overdose of Levlen is extremely small. In case of significant overdose of hormones there may develop uterine bleeding, vomiting.