Drug Description

Mentax is an anti-fungal ointment. Its main active component is Butenafine hydrochloride. This famous cream is used for the treatment of fungal infections. Butenafine hydrochloride is unscented and looks like crystalline powder.
The drug can be partially dissolved in water and fully solved in chloroform and methanol. As its medical characteristics are the same as those of allylamine antifungals, the main function of Mentax is to prevent the synthesis of ergosterol by impeding the actions of squalene epoxidase, an enzyme that allegedly plays an important role in the production of sterols which is significant in the fungal cell membranes.

Drug Information

Mentax is used for the treatment of different skin infections such as eczema, ringworm and athlete’s foot. This ointment is effective in fighting the skin infections caused by fungal infections.
The latest researches point out the efficiency of Mentax in fighting dermatophyte infections in toenails. But the treatment of this specific condition this ointment must be applied for longer time.
The Mentax ointment is also intended for the treatment of tinea, and is very efficient in removing the candida albicans that belongs to the group of diploid fungus.


Mentax must be applied only on the affected skin areas. It is very important to follow the instructions to achieve the desired effect.
You should wash the hands with warm water before and after applying Mentax ointment. It is necessary to clean and dry the affected skin areas before using Mentax.
The duration of treatment course must be for the whole prescription period. In most cases, the symptoms start to disappear before the completion of treatment course. You must wait at least for a month to note positive results.

Adverse effects (rare)

  • blisters,
  • skin reddening and peeling
  • irritation,
  • dry skin.

Common adverse effects

  • tingling,
  • itching.

These effects can be noted right after the application of ointment. You should consult the doctor if you note some symptoms of allergic reactions, such as face swelling, urticaria and breathing problems.


Some drugs may interact with Mentax . Therefore, you should inform your doctor about the non-prescription and prescription drugs, as well as the other herbal supplements to avoid drug interactions.