Micardis Hct



Micardis-hct, is a drug for the resistant reduce of pressure in case of hypertension. The action of the drug is based on the active ingredient – telmisartan. According to its properties, Micardis is a blocker of receptors sensitive to angiotensin II – a hormone which may increase vascular tone and narrow the vessel lumen. The effect of this drug develops gradually, over three hours, but it is long – more than a day. Treatment of Micardis-hct gives maximum results to the end of the first or during the second month of use. If a patient stopped using the drug, their blood pressure will gradually return to those indicators, which was at the beginning of therapy. The exceeding of these values does not occur (there is no effect of “ricochet”).

Micardis-hct is used for Hypertension

This medicine is produces in the form of tablets that should be taken once a day. The instruction of the drug allows associating its use with food intake. There is the standard dosage of Micardis-hct, but, as in the case of other anti-hypertensive agents, they are only guidelines, based on which the doctor selects individual treatment.

Drug contradictions

  • Obstruction of the bile ducts
  • Heavy infringements of function of kidneys, liver
  • Fructose intolerance
  • Children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women

Side effects and overdose of Micardis

This drug has a systemic effect on the human body. Therefore, the therapy can respond to different organ systems in an undesirable way. Micardis-hct has the most expected action on cardiovascular system. The drug can drop the pressure, develop heartbeat, can cause pain in the chest. Symptoms of action of Micardis on the nervous system – feeling of weakness, sleep disorders, convulsions and so on. Sometimes there are cough and other infections of the respiratory system. The liver and digestive system as a whole can suffer when using these pills. If the urinary system fails, the patient will have edema, infections of kidneys, bladder and so on. There are other unwanted symptoms that are associated with taking of Micardis-hct.

If the patient takes too high dose of the drug, their pressure will fall to a greater extent than required. The treatment is held according to the manifested symptoms.

The effectiveness of the anti-hypertensive drug, of course, depends on the patient’s condition, the reasons for hypertension. And the best way to restore health is appeal to a good doctor who will prescribe the correct method of application of Micardis-hct and other means of support.