Drug Description

Midamor is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (1967) used for retaining potassium in the body of patients with diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. The active component of this drug is Amiloride. It makes the kidneys eliminate salt and water from the organism while retaining potassium. This drug is classified by world health organization as one of the essential medications while taken strictly according to the doctor’s prescription.


Midamor is used to restore normal blood potassium. Low blood potassium is dangerous for the patients with heart failure or increased blood pressure. This medicine belongs to the group of potassium-sparing diuretic, as it eliminates salt and water from the body. It is used in combination with other diuretics for the treatment of hypertension.


Take Midamor orally during the meal. If you take the dosage of 5 mg, combine it with the other drugs for blood pressure or diuretics. If the dosage is insufficient, you may take 2 pills of 5 mg. Don’t exceed the average daily dosage of 10 day.
As Midamor can cause you to urinate more frequently, take the last dosage before 6 pm to avoid the night awakenings. People suffering from congestive heart failure should be under the medical supervision, and their dosage must be revised.
Patients with increased level of blood potassium, kidney dysfunction or urination problems should consult the doctor before starting to take Midamor.

Adverse Effects

Most patient have only mild adverse effects due to the use of this drug. Some common adverse effects are: unbalanced hunger level, fatigue, head pain and vertigo. Other serious adverse effects are: dryness in the mouth, feeling thirsty, shortness of breath, allergic responses and chest pain.

Drug Interactions

The following drugs that may interact with Midamor:

  • NSAID’s – they may decrease the effectiveness of this drug
  • ACE inhibitors, potassium additives and diuretics
  • Lithium –this drug can increase the risk of adverse effects

Inform the doctors about any drugs you’re currently taking as drug interactions can be very dangerous.