Drug Description

Revia is the medicine used for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. This drug can be called a narcotic blocker. It prevents the effects of drugs and on the human brain. Therefore, patients don’t get the pleasure from taking the drug.

Drug information

A lot of medicines like cough drugs, pain killer and other drugs interact with Revia and cause severe problems, such as death or coma. The drug can be used by everybody. However, patients with kidney, heart and liver problems and serious allergic reaction to some food types must consult the doctor before starting the treatment.
This drug belongs to the opioid antagonists. Therefore, taking this medicine allows you to reduce cravings towards alcohol or drugs. Revia is usually used for the treatment of patients with alcohol addiction. This medicine is approved by FDA (1984).
Revia acts better in combination with psychological counseling and group therapy.
Medical study are still going on with Revia to find whether taking this drug would completely prevent a person from alcohol addiction or reduce his/her craving towards alcohol and drugs.


It is very important to find the right dosage before buying this medicine without prescription. If the patient consumes drugs after the treatment with Revia, it may lead to the serious adverse effects. Consult the doctor before starting to take this medicine.
You should undergo regular blood tests to monitor the functioning of your liver and other organs during the treatment with Revia. This medicine can’t be taken by the minor patients, pregnant and breastfeeding women without prescription.
Both formulations demonstrate the same effectiveness. Therefore, you can’t take Naltrexone together with Revia. If you are allergic to this drug, the use of Naltrexone may cause allergy as well.
This medicine is safe and efficient only if you strictly follow the drug instructions. Avoid sharing this drug with the people suffering from similar problems.
Adverse effects   The use of Revia may cause the following adverse effects:   Vertigo,  Nausea,  Constipation,  Vomiting,  Loose bowels,  Lack of appetite,  Head pain,  Stomachache or seizures,  Anxiety,  Easy- crying,  Anger,  Hives,  Sleeping problems,  Excess or lack of energy,  Pain in the muscles or joints,  Sleepiness.
Some of these side effects may be temporary, while the other can persist. If the side effects go away in a short period of time, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if they stay for a long time, seek immediate medical assistance.


Don’t take Revia if you are allergic to the active component of this medicine. Patients with liver failure or hepatitis must not take this drug.
Avoid mixing this medicine with alcohol or opioids. Inform the doctor if you have used any of these medicines about a week before taking this drug.
Avoid sharing your drugs with other patients with similar diseases, as it may have fatal consequences.