Drug Description

Nimotop is a medicine used for the treatment of increased blood pressure and belongs to the group of calcium antagonists. The active component looks like yellow crystalline powder insoluble in water.
Each capsule of Nimotop contains 30 mg of the active component together peppermint oil, polyethylene alcohol, cleaned water and description. This is the usual medical composition of a soft gelatin capsule. This drug works by preventing the calcium ion transfer, thereby impeding the contraction of vascular smooth muscles.


Nimotop is very efficient for the treatment of health complications caused by the low oxygen levels as a consequential effect of hemorrhage from any blood vessel of the brain. Nimotop is highly effective in the treatment of subarachnoid bleeding, also called vasospasm. The drug must be taken only on the doctor’s prescription.


Nimotop is intended for the oral intake and is available in capsules. To achieve the maximum benefit, take the drug 1 hour before eating. Take the drug at the same time every day. Don’t stop the treatment once you note an improvement at the initial stage of the treatment. If you skip the dosage, take it as soon as you remember. If it’s already time to take the next dose, skip the missed dose.

Adverse Effects

Adverse effects of Nimotop are not experienced by all patients; they are observed only in the patients constantly taking the drug. The most widespread side effects include: hot flushes, sickness, head pain and loose bowels. Serious side effects include: breathing difficulty, vertigo, increased heart rate, swelling of extremities and allergic responses such as chest pain, skin rash and face swelling. It is very important to contact the doctor if any of these side effects persist.

Safety information

Nimotop interacts with a wide range of medicines. It may interact with the drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure and one of its active substances can worsen the impact of antihypertensive compounds. Mixing this drug with other medications may cause serious health complications. Therefore, you shouldn’t take two similar drugs at the same time.
Overdose of this drug can negatively affect the drug impact.
Avoid consuming grapefruit during the treatment with this drug.