Penegra is a quality medicine for fast relief of symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The drug treats sexual disorder the causes of which can be both physiological and psychological factors. For example, Penegra equally well normalizes the erection, weakened by age-related changes, diseases of the pelvic organs, stress or fatigue.

In addition, a full course of treatment of Penegra reduces the risk of developing serious diseases of the pelvic organs. Before using medicines, it is recommended to study the list of contraindications to Penegra, and possible side effects. If you have some health problems, you’d better visit a doctor before taking the drug.

Regular use of the drug within one month contributes to the normalization of the status of reproductive function and also reduces inflammation of the prostate tissue. The action of Penegra begins in 20 minutes after intake and lasts for three to four hours, ensuring maximum blood flow to the organ.

The composition of the drug

Penegra contains a selective PDE-5 inhibitor sildenafil citrate. Synthetic substance is one of the most popular medicines for the recovery of erectile function. Sildenafil performs two functions: it stimulates the erection and prevents premature emission of seminal fluid. In addition, it has a powerful effect on the circulatory system.

However, the substance is not safe if you have serious abnormalities of the heart and nervous system, as well as chronic diseases of kidneys and liver. Therefore, if you want to use Penegra for the treatment of erectile disorder you need to be examined to verify the absence of contraindications. Please note that sildenafil does not interact with drugs containing the following medicinal substances: selective inhibitors of other groups and alpha-blockers.

Penegra also includes auxiliary components. They represent a complex of herbs that have positive effects on the body: normalize reproductive function, relax the central nervous system and reduce the risk of negative reactions from the body.

You should take Penegra once a day, in 20-30 minutes before intimacy. The pill is recommended to drink with plenty of water. The drug can be consumed with meals or separately. The maximum daily dose is 100 milligrams. You should start using the drug with 25 or 50 milligrams of Sildenafil. You can increase the dosage next time, if the obtained result was not enough.