Drug Description

Pletal is an anesthetic with the generic name Cilostazol. It belongs to the group of PDE3 inhibitors. Each pill consists 50 mg of Cilostazol, which is the main active ingredient of the drug. These pills come in round shape having a flat surface with the printing “OG31” on one side.


Pletal is used for the treatment of intermittent claudication (muscle pain which happens during exercise, such as walking), caused by arterial insufficiency. This drug belongs to the group of anti-platelets and vasodilators.
Moreover, Pletal is used for the treatment of pain, cramps and numbness in the legs during walking. This drug dilates the blood vessels in order to improve the blood circulation. Moreover, the drug can minimize the risk of formation of clots. This allows the blood to flow more freely and relieve the pain.


Pletal is available in pills for the oral intake. Take the drug by mouth twice a day at least 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner or two hours after the meal. To avoid skipping the dose, take the pills every day at the same time.
An average daily dosage of Pletal is 100 mg (it can be divided into two intakes). The doctor may reduce the dosage to 50 mg for the patients who with certain diseases or elderly patients. Take the drug strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. Don’t change the dosage or take it longer than necessary.
Take Pletal for at least 3 months to achieve the desirable effect (even though the symptoms may improve in several weeks).

Adverse effects

If you note any allergic reactions, such as breathing problems, rash, face swelling and sore throat during the treatment with Pletal, seek immediate medical assistance. Inform your doctor if you have pain in the chest, strong headache, fever, and pain during urination, flu-like symptoms or pain in the body. Some of the common adverse effects are: coughing, vomiting, vertigo, fatigue, loose bowels, pain in the joints, head cold, swollen legs or increased heart rate.


Patients with congestive heart failure must not take Pletal, because it may cause aggravation of the diseases.
Avoid drinking grapefruit juice during the treatment, as it may cause drug interactions and lead to the undesirable effects.
Skipping a dose or overdose of Pletal can be fatal. Inform the doctor about the prescription and non-prescription pills, herbal drugs or vitamins you’re currently taking to avoid drug interactions.