The modern way of life dictates its own rules, and constantly exhausting, we began to realize the reality, memory and reaction. Scientists have developed Provigil. The main active ingredient of the drug Provigil is Modafinil. It is a central stimulant which affects mood, increases energy and promotes enhanced release of dopamine. Due to it we can control the process of wakefulness without fear to disrupt sleep. Its actions are much softer and more neutral than the previously used drugs. The period of wakefulness increases significantly, and after the drug has expired, there will be difficulties with sleep.

Currently Provigil (Modafinil) is included in the world anti-doping agency list of drugs that athletes will not be able to take during the preparation to the competition, during the training process and during competitions. It is a powerful stimulant that improves memory, visual intelligence and other parameters of mental activity. It effectively relieves fatigue and restores cognitive functions of the brain.

You should begin by taking one capsule, vivid effect is not guaranteed, especially if you weigh 80 kg and over but it’s just a test reaction to the drug. It’s probably your norm. If you have any side effects it will be better to stop taking the drug, but it happens very rarely (in practice for 3 years of sales of this product there wasn’t a single case, but in theory or in the literature it is written that there were some cases), but if it already happened, you should understand that you and that drug are likely incompatible.

In the morning after waking up you should drink 100-300 mg of Provigil 100-200 mg of caffeine, in capsules, drink water, fill up a half hour, it is much easier to get up than normally, the day starts more actively. And as for as you know, the beginning of the day forms all day. Be successful in work!

In order to work better, you should take the drug for an hour and a half before start working; if you want to work quickly, you may do a warm-up or just wrung out from a floor 20 times, hold plank for 30 seconds, squat in place without weights for 25 times, this will speed up the process of starting Provigil to work.

In order to ensure full precipitation in the night, do not take the drug after 16:00, the best time is in the morning and afternoon.


If you want to work out, take 100-400 mg of Provigil an hour before the workout but no later than lunch.

If you just want to relieve fatigue, you can take100 mg. In order to preserve the “readiness” all-day you have to take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at lunch time. If you wish to stay awake during the night – then add another 100 mg capsule in the evening (in other words – 100 mg every 8 hours).