Pulmicort for inhalation is a glucocorticosteroid drug which is available in different forms. It can be in the form of a suspension of white colour, powder or liquid solution. Inhalation treatments with Pulmicort are assigned to the treatment and prevention of bronchial asthma and in case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Many people know how hard the body reacts in case of bronchial asthma. This disease is characterized by signs of severe suffocation, which arises from increased formation of mucus, spasm and edema of the bronchi. The symptoms of asthma are caused by allergic reactions to odors, dust, dander, drugs, foods. Contact with the allergen causes bronchial spasm. In turn COPD is a disease of not fully reversible limitation of airflow in the lungs. This disease is characterized by respiratory distress, shortness of breath, prolonged cough, sputum.

Pulmicort inhalation reduces symptoms of allergies, relieves inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes, promotes the excretion of mucus produced by the respiratory system. The main active substance of Pulmicort for inhalation is budesonide, the recommended dose of which reduces the formation of phlegm, relieves swelling of the mucous membranes, has anti-inflammatory effect on the bronchi. Budesonide is inhaled glucocorticosteroid, which contains the drug in micronized form. In general, glucocorticosteroids have powerful anti-inflammatory effect and are synthetic analogs of natural human hormones. Their main function is effects on the immune system of the body with pronounced inflammatory or allergic reactions. Budesonide is well tolerated in long-term care. Auxiliary substances of Pulmicort for inhalation use are: sodium chloride, disodium edetate, sodium citrate, citric acid, Polysorbate 80, purified water.

For each patient, the dose of the drug Pulmicort inhalation is selected by the doctor individually. The initial therapeutic effect of the procedure is about 5 days, and the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved in 2 weeks after the start of treatment. The recommended initial daily dose for children over 6 months is 0.25 – 0.5 milligrams for adults: 1 – 2 milligrams. Supporting daily dose for children over 6 months is0.25 to 2 milligrams for adults: 0.5 to 4 milligrams. In the case of severe obstructive conditions, the doctor may increase the dosage of the drug.

Despite the fact that Pulmicort inhalation was generally well tolerated by people, it is necessary to consider the contraindications and possible side effects. Pulmicort is contraindicated for use in the form of inhalation to people with hypersensitivity to budesonide and children up to 6 months. The drug in the form of inhalations can be taken with caution and only after prescription by a doctor to patients with malfunction of the thyroid gland, the active form of pulmonary tuberculosis, severe liver disease (cirrhosis), bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory system. You should be wary of inhalations with Pulmicort during pregnancy, while breast-feeding.

It is important to pay special attention to the side effects of this drug. Sometimes there may be irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory, candidiasis lesions of the oropharynx. In order to reduce the risk of fungal infection you should thoroughly rinse your month with water after each inhalation. In addition, after use of an inhaler (nebulizer) with mask, you must wash your face to prevent skin irritation. Some people may experience side effects from the central nervous system, expressed in excessive excitability, nervousness, inappropriate behavior, even the dimness of consciousness.