Remeron, is an antidepressant. It is based on  mirtazapine. Due to it, this medicine has observed the ability to influence serotonin and noradrenaline receptors. The developers of Remeron sought to reduce the possibility of adverse effects on the health of the patient and claim that this drug is tolerated very well. The antidepressant has practically no effect on the cardiovascular system, has no anticholinergic action (does not lead to dry mouth, fever, tachycardia, impaired vision and so on).

Indications for use

Depression of varying severity.

Remeron is released in the form of tablets. The instruction of drug reports that it is better to take entire daily dose before bedtime. It was observed that Remeron has sedative effect. A marked improvement in the condition of the patient must come to the middle-end of the first month of therapy. If it is not observed, it is recommended to increase the dose of Remeron and continue to drink it for another month. Only if there is no effect after two months of use, you should think how to change the drug.

Drug contradictions

  • Intolerance

Together with MAO inhibitors (treatment with these drugs should be discontinued two weeks prior to the start of the course of Remeron);

Pregnancy and lactation (not collected information on the possible impact of this antidepressant in these groups of patients).

Side effects and overdose of Remeron

Since this drug has a sedative, calming effect, it can occur excessively to some patients, causing confusion. There are less frequent abnormalities of muscle tone, convulsions, tremor and so on. The blood of the patient may be violated, which will lead to changes in the peripheral blood. Some patients can suffer from hypotension. In addition, sometimes, Remeron increases the appetite or cause fluid retention – both of these factors can lead to increased body weight.


Remeron has sedative action of the drug. The patient requires gastric lavage and medical control of vital body functions.

Despite the numerous unwanted effects of the drug, patients mostly continue to use it – which means they feel its beneficial effect. And they even want to remove side effects by using other drugs;

Easy portability of Remeron is rather a dream of a producer than reality;

Remeron is not a drug that you can take to improve your mood and overall condition. Even if you have indications for its use, you should try to use less heavy drug (discuss it with your doctor).