Renova (retinoic acid) and other retinoids are effective in treating acne mainly due to the normalization of sebum, anti-inflammatory effect and thinning of the stratum corneum.

Renova is one of the best tools in fight against acne: Renova reduces sebum production, inhibits the formation of micro- comedones, promoting the transition of closed eels in the open.

Renova stimulates mitosis of skin cells (cell division) and accelerates skin at the basal level.

Renova inhibits the overgrowth of epithelium of the ducts of the sebaceous glands. As a result, the a large amount of dead skin cells does not accumulate thus improving their release to the surface of the skin without causing its clogging. In addition, Renova has anti-inflammatory function and increases immunity in the focus of purulent process.

Renova and tazarotene are the only anti-aging remedies to prevent wrinkles, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Several studies have shown that topically applied tretinoin is effective in the treatment of wrinkles and pigmentations caused by sunlight exposure, because effects both outside and at the level of the basal layer.

The treatment restores the skin to a normal state, but increases epidermal thickness, collagen synthesis and fiber, load-bearing support function. It causes the formation of new blood vessels and increasing blood flow, keeps moisture at a deep level, reduces unwanted pigmentation, shrink pores. Renova stimulates the skin healing process.

What are the contradictions to the use of Renova?

Restrictions of the use of Renova (tretinoin) are pregnancy (Vit A has a strong teratogenic effect) and reception of photosensitizing drugs from the group of thiazides, tetracyclines, fluorochinolones, phenothiazine, sulfonamides.

What side effects can Renova cause?

Side effects of Renova include redness, dryness, irritation and flaking of the skin. Test them all on the stage adaptation of your skin to tretinoin.

Possible but not necessary side effect of the prolonged use of Renova is rosacea – persistent redness of the skin.

The drug is intended for local and external use. It should be applied to clean and dry problem area of the skin regularly, 1 time per day.

In a common pharmacy you can’t purchase the cream Renova without a prescription (as well as its analogues). However, you’ll be able to order the drug via Internet.

Online pharmacies have flexible pricing, allowing you to buy products at the best prices in the market. Such companies can arrange fast delivery anywhere in the world.