Drug Description

Rumalaya is a 100% natural drug for the treatment of joint and bone pain. This drug is available in pills, capsules and gel. Its main components are plants and herbs.
Rumalaya contains drumstick as a main ingredient and some other natural plants, which have great healing properties.
Each pack contains 60 pills or capsules.


Rumalaya is used mostly for the treatment of joint pain. It acts by modulating the reaction causing pain and aches. The formulation if different and depends on the kind of pain.
Rumalaya is very efficient in the treatment of arthritis. It alleviates the pain caused by Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, cervical and lumbar spondylosis due to its powerful anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Rumalaya is also used for the treatment of some traumatic inflammatory diseases, such as capsulitis, rheumatism, radicultitis, myositis, etc.


Take the pills of Rumalaya once or twice a day (depending on the severity of pain). According to the drug instructions provided by the manufacturers, the pill must be taken with food.

Adverse Effects

The use of Rumalaya doesn’t cause serious adverse effects. Actually, very few patients get affected by the side effects of this drug. In some cases, it can lead to skin rashes. The risk of adverse effects is very low when the drug is taken according to the prescription.
To prevent adverse effects, don’t exceed the dosage of Rumalaya. Control the intensity of adverse effects for a short time. People experiencing any unusual adverse effects must seek immediate medical assistance.

Drug Interactions

Usually, Rumalaya doesn’t interact with other medicines. However, avoid taking similar drugs to reduce the risk of drug interaction.
Remember that the combination of Rumalaya with other drugs won’t increase its efficiency.