Rumalaya medication takes four forms; capsules, tablets, gel and Rumalaya Forte.

Uses of Rumalaya Medication

Thus drug is utilized in the treatment of Gout, Frozen Shoulders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Sports injuries, Muscle stiffness pain and Musculoskeletal disorders.

How Rumalaya Medication Works

This medication derives its healing power from plants and minerals used in Ayurvedic medicine in India. All drugs work in combination with the purpose of relieving pain and enhancing mobility in patients with back pains, arthritis, and joint pains.

It also contains vasodilation properties that facilitate circulation of blood in inflammation areas.

Where to buy Rumalaya Medication

Patients are advised to order Rumalaya medication online from the comfort of their personal computers. We understand the pain patients experience, and it’s only convenient to get your medicine at the click of a mouse button.

Online pharmacies and herbal medicine outlets stock a wide variety of Rumulaya drugs at cheap, discounted prices. Local pharmacy stores also stock cheap gels, tablets, and capsules of this medication for their clients.


The doses vary according to the type of drug. However, they’re all used 2-4 times a day for pain relief.

The capsules and tablets come in packs of 60. The gel is available in 30-50g tubes.

Always observe the instructions provided by your doctor or physician while taking Rumalaya medication to avoid complications.

Precautions in Handling Rumalaya Medication

Rumulaya is not for consumption by children, pregnant and breastfeeding women

Only use Rumulaya medication with authority of a doctor or pharmacist

Store your Rumulaya tablets, capsules, and gels at room temperature away from the reach of children

Handle Rumulaya Gel with care, so it does not spread into your eyes, mouth, open wounds or broken skin

Side Effects

Topical medications such as Rumalaya do not cause side effects. However, they must be used exactly as directed by pharmacists and doctors.

Patients are also advised to seek medical attention should symptoms of pain persist.