Tegretol is a drug with anti-epileptic effect, but it also has psychotropic and neurotropic effect.

Indications for use

epilepsy: generalized tonic-clonic seizures, simple or complex partial seizures (with or without loss of consciousness) with/without secondary generalization, mixed forms of epileptic seizures; Tegretol is usually not prescribed (the drug is ineffective) in case of the treatment of myoclonus-epilepsy and absence seizures; the drug is also used in case of alcohol withdrawal syndrome; maintenance of therapy of bipolar affective disorders and of acute mania (prevention of exacerbation or weakening of clinical manifestations of exacerbations); idiopathic neuralgia of the glossopharyngeal nerve; neurology/idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia in the background of multiple sclerosis (atypical/typical).

Drug contraindications

Absolute: atrioventricular block; burdened anamnesis by oppression of bone-marrow hematopoiesis; hepatic porphyria, including late dermal, acute intermittent and variegated porphyria; fructose intolerance (for the syrup, because the product contains sorbitol); concomitant use with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (have structural similarities with tricyclic antidepressants); individual intolerance of the drug components, as well as hypersensitivity to similar chemical behaviour carbamazepine drugs (e.g. tricyclic antidepressants). Relative (use of Tegretol requires caution in case of the presence of the following diseases/conditions): family history for heart disease (including decompensated chronic heart failure), kidney/liver (including renal/hepatic failure), adverse hematological reactions to other drugs, or the availability of data on the abolition of previous therapy with Tegretol (the prescription of drug is possible after the careful evaluation of the balance between the expected benefits of therapy and the likely risk, ensuring regular control of state of patients); dilution hyponatremia, hypothyroidism; mixed forms of epileptic seizures, including atypical/typical absence seizure, considering the possible intensification of attacks; increased intraocular pressure and prostatic hyperplasia, considering the weak M-choline-blocking activity of carbamazepine; pregnancy and lactation; old age (consider the likelihood of drug interactions and the pharmacokinetics of various drugs with anti-epileptic effect).

The method of application and the dosage

Tegretol is taken orally. Pills are washed down with some water. The drug can be taken regardless of meals. Tegretol can be used as monotherapy or in combination with other drugs.

Side effects

Some types of violations, for example, from the nervous and digestive systems, as well as skin allergic reactions that occur very often or often, especially at the beginning of the use of Tegretol, in case of the appointment of excessively high initial doses of the drug  and when it is taken by old patients. Dose-dependent side effects in the majority of cases go away in a few days (alone or after a dose reduction).

Special instructions

Tegretol must be taken only under medical supervision. In case of mixed forms of epileptic seizures the therapy is held with caution or it may be even cancelled in cases of amplification of attacks.

It requires careful monitoring of symptoms of suicidal behavior and intentions.