As Herpes simplex is very widespread, the drugs for its treatment and prevention of relapse, are discussed frequently and widely. There are many different feedbacks about Valtrex: on one forum page you can find both positive and completely negative reviews. For example, one girl has completely cured herpes after the course of treatment with Valtrex, which was confirmed by several laboratory researches. But at the same time, the other patient had a replace of infection in two weeks after the end of treatment.
The treatment of viral infections is a very complex and strictly individual process. Even though such diseases as herpes are very common, and the Herpes simplex is even called “cold sore”, – these infections can seriously damage the human health, affect the progeny and aggravate other diseases. The antivirals (including Valtrex) act almost in the same manner. The difference is only in the biologically active forms of active substances included in the formula of one or another drug. The main principle of treating relapses is to immediately start using the antivirals as soon as the first symptoms appear. Most people with herpes or other chronic viral infection have the reduced immunity. Therefore, they should take something to strengthen the body’s defense during the treatment.
Valtrex is an antiviral drug. The active substance of this drug is Valacyclovir that suppresses the reproduction of DNA viruses.

Valtrex is used for the treatment of infections caused by:

  • Herpes virus – simple and genital
  • Herpes zoster, including to relieve acute pain, caused by its infection
  • To prevent the relapses of Herpes Simplex and Cytomegalovirus

Special indications

  • Older patients should drink more liquid during the treatment with Valtrex.
  • Patients with kidney failure using Valacyclovir have an increased risk of neurological complications.
  • Patients with liver diseases should take Valtrex with caution.
  • There is no clinical experience of use in children.


In case of oral take, single dosage for the adults is 0.25-2 g. The frequency of use and the duration of treatment depend on the indications.
Patients with severe kidney diseases require the correction of dosage.


Hypersensitivity to Valacyclovir, Acyclovir or any other drug component.

Valtrex Side effects

Headache; sickness and vomiting; anaphylaxis; vertigo; confusion; hallucinations; mental decline; excitement; tremor; psychotic symptoms; cramps; encephalopathy; coma; dyspnea; a sense of discomfort in the stomach; diarrhea; leukopenia (mainly in the patients with the reduced immunity), thrombocytopenia; rash; photosensitivity; itching; urticaria; angioedema; kidney dysfunction; acute renal failure; kidney colic (it can caused by kidney dysfunction).