The reducing of potency occurs for different reasons. A particularly high percentage of erectile dysfunction is observed in older people with age-related changes. But old age is not a reason to give up sexual pleasure and live defective sexual life.

Vardenafil is a new generation of drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is the most powerful and effective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5. During the studying of selective action of Vardenafil it was found that it blocked PDE 5 more powerful than similar inhibitors. Thus, at low therapeutic doses of the active substance a pronounced effect is achieved, and side effects are reduced.

The inhibition of PDE 5 has a positive effect only during sexual stimulation. In other words, in the absence of sexual desire Vardenafil is useless.

The drug is taken orally and is absorbed by the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

The active substance is well bound with blood plasma proteins, up to 95%. It is metabolized in the liver. The drug is excreted mainly through the intestines and in small amounts in the urine.

Drug contraindications

High sensitivity to a particular component of the drug. The drug is contraindicated to women and children.

The drug should be taken with caution and under the supervision of a specialist in cases of:

  • Deformation of the penis
  • End-stage of kidney disease
  • Severe malfunction of the liver
  • Congenital elongation of QT interval
  • Predisposition to priapism (such diseases as leukemia, multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia)
  • Retinitis pigmentosa and other degenerative and hereditary diseases of the retina
  • Hypotension (below 90 mm Hg. at rest)
  • Unstable angina
  • Exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease or tendency to bleeding

In addition, a potentially risky is taking the drug during the recovery period after a stroke or myocardial infarction.

Drug Interaction

Vardenafil should not be combined with such drugs and chemical compounds as inhibitors of HIV protease (ritonavir, indinavir), volatile nitrates (aka poppers), donators of nitric oxide or any nitrates.

Method of application and dosage

Vardenafil dosage depends on personal tolerance and individual characteristics of the organism. The smallest daily dose (5 mg) is prescribed to men of 65 years old and patients with moderate violation of the liver function (in the latter case, in case of good tolerability the dose can be doubled). This is exactly half of the recommended daily dose (10 mg), which most patients should start with while taking the drug. In some cases (weakly pronounced effect, prostatectomy, diabetes) it can be increased to a maximum of 20 mg. The drug is taken orally, before or after a meal, for half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Side effects of the drug

Typically, Vardenafil does not cause side effects, expressed to a large extent. Typical reactions to this drug are facial flushing, headaches and periodic dizziness, runny nose, drowsiness, bleeding from the nose, pain in the lumbar region, increased blood pressure, digestive disorders and nausea. Most often side effects occur in the process of adaptation of the organism to the drug and its subsequent applications weaken and completely disappear.