Birth control pills Yasmin is the modern drug intended for contraception and normalization of the menstrual cycle for women from 18 to 40 years old. The drug is recommended to take in cycles because significant changes in the cervix begin to occur already after the first dose.

Hormonal agent of directed action instantly affects the microflora of the cervix. Due to the reaction of the uterine mucus and the major components of the drug, the work of glands that produce cervical secret is slowing down. The cervix, devoid of necessary nutrients and mucus, becomes difficult for the movement of sperm. The drug effectiveness is 87%, contraception has a positive effect on the hormonal background of women. Drospirenone is beneficial to patients suffering from hormonal imbalance, even in case of the nervous and mental forms.

Indications for use

Yasmin is prescribed in several cases:

  • The prevention of unwanted pregnancy
  • Failure in the menstrual cycle
  • Acne
  • Swelling

Hormonal contraception is effective during the excessive engorgement.

Method of application

You should take 1 tablet once a day strictly at the same time. In case of missing, or the violation of a dose there are possible negative consequences for the organism. After 21 days you need to do a 7-day break, after which you should repeat the standard dosage. During a break, you can suffer from bleeding – normal reaction. Contraception restores regular menstrual cycle.

Side effects

After the first days of oral reception of the contraceptive you may have bleeding – pseudo-menstruation When taking Yasmin, the cycle lasts normally, without complications, and abdominal pain. Often this medication is taken to control the menstrual cycle, in particular, to reduce the pain. You should not discontinue course of taking the drug after the start of the bleeding in order to avoid serious complications in the womb.
Among the negative side effects you may experience the following ones: dizziness; nausea; vomiting; abdominal pain; shortness of breath; a strong expectorant cough with presence of blood (it is recommended to call an ambulance); insomnia; allergic reactions.

Drug Contraindications

The pills may be contraindicated if the patient has the following diseases: allergy to components of drug; breast cancer; diabetes; kidney and liver failure; pregnancy; heart disease; high blood pressure.

Yasmin refers to monophasic type of contraceptives, so before reception you should consult a gynecologist. Irregular bleeding in the first week is normal, and it will be stabilized over time.