Zanaflex is a central muscle relaxant, i.e. the drug that has a relaxing action on the skeletal muscles. The active substance of this drug (Tizanidin) affects the spinal cord, suppressing the release of amino acids, responsible for the development of hypertonus. Moreover, Zanaflex relieves low-to-moderate pain. As a result, the tone of spastic, seizure and involuntary muscle tension weakens, and the random movements and contractions increase amplitude and power. This drug is used for the treatment of hypertonus of skeletal muscles caused by the spine diseases, after the surgical operation on spine or hip, different nervous diseases, such as MS, brain damage, etc.

Way of use and dosage

Zanaflex is taken orally. The dosage is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of certain patient.


This medicine must not be used in case of severe liver dysfunction and individual; hypersensitivity to any drug component. There was no research on the effect of Zanaflex on the fetus during pregnancy or the newborn during breastfeeding. Therefore, this drug is not recommended to the pregnant and lactating women. The experience of using this drug in children is also small. Therefore, the treatment with Zanaflex in the early age is limited.

Side effects

The use of this drug can cause dyspepsia, low blood pressure and irregular heart rate. The overdose can cause the following symptoms: sickness, hypotension, drowsiness and breathing difficulty. This condition can lead to coma. Patients with these symptoms require immediate medical assistance.

Special indications

Patients who took more than 12 mg of Zanaflex a day suffered from the liver dysfunction more often. Such patients, as well as the people with the clinical signs of liver dysfunction (sickness, fatigue and anorexia) should monitor the liver function and undergo the proper test once a month within the first 4 months of treatment. If your levels of ALT and AST exceed the high end of normal 3 and more times, the drug must be withdrawn. Zanaflex is contraindicated to the patients with severe lactase insufficiency, hereditary galactose intolerance or glucose/ galactose malabsorption, as the drug contains lactose. If you note the drowsiness during the treatment, you should refrain from the works related to the high concentration and fast psychomotor reaction.
In the patients who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, the system bioavailability of Tizanidin is decreased almost by 30%. Therefore, the long-term treatment requires the increase of drug dosage.
Ethanol can increase the risk of side effects. In its turn, Zanaflex can enhance the suppressive action of alcohol on the central nervous system.