The Turkey Government Scholarship is a highly competitive and fully funded program designed to recognize and support exceptional students and researchers. Recipients have the opportunity to pursue their studies at leading universities in Turkey. Türkiye Scholarships seeks to establish a network of future leaders dedicated to enhancing collaboration between nations and fostering mutual understanding among societies.

Summary of Turkey Government Scholarship:

Details of Turkey Government Scholarship:

The Türkiye Scholarship encompasses both scholarship and university placement concurrently. Successful applicants will be assigned to a university and program based on their indicated preferences in the online application form. It is important to note that candidates can apply to only one scholarship program, aligning with their educational background and academic objectives.

Eligibility Requirements for Türkiye Scholarship 2024:

Age Restrictions:

Academic Performance:

Ineligible Groups:

Benefits of Turkey Government Scholarship 2024:

The scholarship encompasses the following provisions:

Required Documents for Turkey Government Scholarship Application:

When submitting applications online through the Türkiye Scholarship Application System (TBBS), all applicants are required to upload the following documents to the system:

Application Procedure for Turkey Government Scholarship 2024 (Step by Step):

Create Your Personal Account:

Register on the Türkiye Scholarships Application System to establish your personal account.

Specify University and Program Preferences:

List your preferred universities and programs as per your academic aspirations.

Application Approval:

After completing all stages and providing the necessary documents, review and approve your application.

Compose a Letter of Intent:

Draft an original letter of intent detailing your preferences, expectations, and future goals.

Document Upload:

Upload all required documents, ensuring you include information about your extracurricular activities and accomplishments in various fields. This additional information can enhance your application.

By following these steps diligently, you can successfully apply for the Turkey Government Scholarship in 2024.





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