The Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2023 offers a fully-funded research-oriented scholarship in Austria. This 9-week summer program provides exceptional students with the opportunity to engage in life sciences research under the guidance of top mentors at one of Europe’s premier research centers. Participants will immerse themselves in a dynamic and vibrant scientific environment, fostering a passion for research and development-driven scientific innovations. VBC Austria is dedicated to attracting talented and intelligent minds globally, providing them access to the world’s most thrilling scientific laboratories to foster their growth and advancement.

The Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024 stands out for its unique offering: participants can travel to Europe at no cost, gaining access to cutting-edge technologies and working in some of the world’s top laboratories. The Vienna Biocenter boasts a diverse array of research projects, and the summer student program is carefully crafted to pair each participant with a faculty member, ensuring close and independent collaboration.

Renowned for its accomplished faculty, the Biocenter has experts such as Kim Nasmyth, a Breakthrough Prize recipient in life sciences for groundbreaking work on chromosome segregation. Additionally, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This international summer opportunity provides promising students with the chance to learn directly from these highly influential minds and personalities, contributing to a rich and impactful learning experience.

The Vienna Biocenter represents a collaboration of five leading research institutions in Europe. This program is specifically designed for outstanding undergraduate students, providing them with the opportunity to initiate their hands-on experience at these prestigious research centers. The ongoing research projects at the Biocenter span various cutting-edge areas such as molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, bioinformatics, RNA, stem cells, and biochemistry.

Fully funded, this summer school immerses participants in practical laboratory work, lab meetings, and journal clubs. The scientists in the labs employ comprehensive bottom-up approaches to derive experiment results. Consequently, participants benefit from a rich learning experience, gaining exposure to high-quality models of learning and practical application in the field.



In this European research summer school, undergraduates not only acquire practical scientific knowledge but also gain insights into the cutting-edge research infrastructure. Moreover, program participants become acquainted with the rich, diverse, and cultured environment of Europe during their stay. To foster cooperation and collaboration among students, the Vienna Biocenter organizes various social events, including referrals and symposiums, creating a friendly environment for interaction.

To enhance the overall experience, Vienna Biocenter encourages participation from its PhD students in a two-day retreat organized outside Vienna. This retreat, often held in a hotel, aims to further cultivate collaboration and camaraderie. The summer school for international students culminates in a symposium where scholars present their ideas, results, and findings through short talks. The program concludes with the distribution of prizes, adding an element of excitement for the participants.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria 2024:

Country of Hosting:


Organizing Institution:

The Max Birnstiel Foundation sponsors the Vienna Undergraduate Research Program in Europe.

Duration of Summer School:

9-week research program

Summer School Dates:

The summer program is scheduled to commence on the last Friday of June and conclude on the last Friday of August, specifically on August 31 each year.

Number of Participants:

20 Undergraduate Students


Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024 Benefits:

The students will receive full accommodation during the program. Participants in the Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024 will benefit from the following provisions:

Eligibility Criteria for Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024 in Austria:

To apply for the Vienna Biocenter Summer Scholarship 2024, candidates must follow these steps:

Application Deadline:

The application period for the VBC Summer School in Europe opens on December 1, 2023, and closes on January 31, 2024.

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